Genpact: Getting Through This Together - NV Tyagarajan and Andrew Groth

The economic recession has highlighted the need to improve business process outcomes. Genpact’s NV ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan (left) and Andrew Groth (right) explain to FDE how an enterprise level process can help companies accomplish this – and improve the bottom line.

Genpact’s Enterprise Level ProcessSM (ELP) is a new, radically scientific approach to looking at end-to-end process optimisation with the focus on efficiency and genuine process effectiveness. In short, an end-to-end process is taken to a new level of granularity to derive improvements that can be implemented to deliver real business results.

‘The Genpact ELP approach stems from the fact that there is large variation in process performance across and within companies,’ says NV ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan, executive vice president of business development, Genpact. ‘As a result, best-in-class companies realise business outcomes that are markedly better. For example, when looking at the process of indirect procurement, these companies can achieve 15% savings, while average companies only see 7%. This naturally translates into millions of dollars of savings for the best-in-class organisation. In today’s economic environment, we are seeing tremendous interest in getting every dollar of cost out of an organisation. Our ELP approach focuses on making every customer best-in-lass.’

Comprehensive approach

With vast business process experience to draw on, Genpact’s experts disaggregate the business process at a more in-depth level to address the most important business outcomes. The discrete parts of the process are benchmarked and the linkages are defined between business outcomes, key performance measures and key performance drivers. Success depends on deep process level insights and expert application of analytics, process mapping, Lean Six Sigma principles and value-stream mapping.

The Genpact approach looks at the whole enterprise process irrespective of who does it. This breadth of view delivers the effectiveness component, whereas more typical end-to-end views have only addressed the process at hand and could only deliver a certain level of efficiency.

‘An end-to-end approach is ideally suited to the current economic climate,’ says Andrew Groth, Genpact’s senior vice president, Europe. ‘Hitting bottom line improvements in areas such as working capital is resonating with almost all customers across Europe. Showing customers how we can impact their business in critical areas, and how we are prepared to commercially align with that, drives a very strong case for companies to look at what ELP can do for them.’

Working partnership

Tiger and Groth explain that it is only through a close collaborative relationship with the customer that significant business impact can be driven. Genpact’s ELP approach integrates all the organisations involved to drive both efficiency and effectiveness.

‘We are not just removing, outsourcing or optimising a process step here or there; instead we are working to transform the overall arc of process flows – inside out and outside in,’ says Tiger.

‘The value proposition of business process outsourcing (BPO) has long been that you outsource the non-core functions so that you can focus on what you do best – whether it is selling customer products or making and marketing automobiles. But the truth is, everything matters and everything is connected. All global processes – core or not – are important to success in a hyperconnected world economy.’

According to Groth this underlines the need to understand the customer’s customers and suppliers, its contract sales force and even investors.

‘It means knowing how everyone in the client’s backroom – from employees to whatever Genpact offshore contingent may be in place – is responding to the needs of key external and internal constituencies that impact end-to-end process flows,’ he explains. ‘Most importantly, it is about creating real business impact through these changes, for example, improving cashflows, reducing working capital and improving inventory returns.’

Target for excellence

The Genpact team predicts a strong future for ELP in Europe and it has noted considerable interest in the services it offers. Clients looking to improve their existing operations or leverage the benefits of globalisation have so far been hard-pressed to find a globalisation partner with a comparable level of dedication to process excellence.

‘Our focus is on determining for each and every customer situation, a personalised and best-suited roadmap to achieving business impact,’ says Groth. ‘Strong alignment with our customer’s goals and the responses that can impact their business real-time is the starting point of our plan and the trigger that helps us drive results.’

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NV Tyagarajan NV ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan, executive vice president of business development, Genpact.
andrew groth Andrew Groth, Genpact’s senior vice president, Europe.