Alphabet International: Planes, trains and automobiles

A brief work trip may now involve several destinations and various modes of transport. Alphabet International shows how flexible products and services enable you to master the business mobility mix.

Travelling between London to Munich ought to involve nothing more complicated than booking your flights. Mobility today is much more than simply going from points A to B, however. First, you take a business car to the airport, where you board a plane, arriving in Munich a few hours later. Once on German soil, you can pulling be up to your first appointment in the city centre within half an hour of ordering a taxi on your smartphone. The meeting finishes on time, so you grab a bike to meet a colleague at a cafe.

After an espresso, you hop on the suburban train to reach your final appointment on the city's east side. You check the app to verify the line and departure time before descending into the station. When the meeting is over, you order a taxi to the airport for your return flight. Back in London, you collect your business car and head home after a long day of travel involving five different modes of transport.

Obviously, mobility is more than just flying between cities. Today, people expect door-to-door travel covering a range of modes, all equipped with the latest technology and connectivity. Flexibility is also a must, as apps permit navigation according to spontaneous decisions. With everyone seeking improved efficiency, the demand for quick, comfortable options that are as safe as they are dependable is on the rise.

Tailor made for business travel

Alphabet International's expertise, foresight and unique personal approach enables transport challenges to be solved easily and cost-efficiently.

The business mobility provider always starts by looking at the bigger picture. A team of experts visits a company to ask targeted questions. Face-to-face time with mobility users gives Alphabet the insight it needs to tailor products from its portfolio to suit specific scenarios.

AlphaCity, for example, is an innovative corporate car sharing scheme that allows for optimal use of corporate fleets and seamlessly links the professional and private spheres. It offers the incentive that employees may pay to use pool cars outside work hours.

AlphaElectric, meanwhile, is a holistic, easy-to-integrate e-mobility solution that introduces eco-friendly driving to urban business travellers who otherwise might not be exposed to it.

The skyrocketing demand for intermodal flexibility is met by Alphabet Mobility Budget, which lets users choose their options on a case by case basis, from pool car and bicycle to public transit. After successful testing in the Netherlands, there are plans for this to debut soon in Belgium and beyond.

"Alphabet's holistic approach, and range of innovative products and services offers customers future-proof and cost-efficient business mobility options that go beyond the company car, and do much more than just get you from point A to B," says chief financial officer Dr Martin Stremplat.

A modern business day can involve several modes of transport.