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HAYMOZ Fleet Performance provides independent fleet re-organisation, management services and consulting services for international fleet owners.

We constantly measure fleet performance via state-of-the-art web-tools, and have consequently gathered data on over 1 million fleet vehicles, which has allowed us to become experts in change management, re-engineering and proactive cost and sourcing management.

Our performance, reliability and high-quality fleet management services are the first choice for large fleet owners seeking solutions for difficult fleet re-organisation challenges.

Fleet strategy and project management

Efficiently assessing and benchmarking your consolidated international fleet data, we can offer policy re-design and fleet-monitoring performance support services across your entire organisation.

By providing an extensive policy and finance review, we determine a tailored, well-developed action plan outlining key factors for sustainable success. Our integrated management approach, based on a total cost ownership (TCO) and CO2 reduction plan, helps fleet owners to implement a high-performance and environmentally driven fleet strategy.

With our consultation on aspects such as E-tendering, negotiation, implementation and contracting, we can ensure you will receive the highest possible return on your investment, with savings on the TCO of up to 15% or more.

Independent fleet re-organisation

HAYMOZ Fleet Performance combines best practice, state-of-the-art technology and specialised analytical management reporting to provide innovative fleet solutions. Whatever your fleet vision and strategy are, we will use our focus and expertise to provide you with the best tailored results.

HAYMOZ Fleet Performance works in a multi-supplier environment, integrating and managing best-in-class services of international and local service providers. As an independent service provider, we can objectively assess the external and internal factors influencing your company's performance.

We have re-organised and tendered 150,000 vehicles in 43 countries, worth a total of €3bn, by using fleet services such as sourcing, employee training, ePO and invoice control, risk management, and environmental improvements.

Vehicle use and fleet structure analysis

EfficientclimateDRIVE is a step-by-step action programme which analyses your current vehicle use and fleet structure to find ways to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

It takes in to account four main action areas:

  • Driver training - efficiency training and incentives for a proven 5% cut in fuel costs
  • Route evaluation and mileage tracking - including access the efficientclimateDRIVE data store and the HAYMOZ fleetDECK, an exclusive data reporting system
  • Optimisation of TCO benefits - tax advantages for companies investing in environmental sustainability
  • Gaining public and industry recognition for having an excellent CO2 reduction profile

Having all data on fleetDECK provides an organised, simple-to-read compilation of data, and also allows easy re-design and tender at a later date.

Driving the international fleet market

HAYMOZ Fleet Performance has been turning fleet targets into added value for over ten years, by committing to sustainable savings and green solutions.

With independence and performance as the backbone of our business, we have built our excellent reputation on high standards of data security and confidentiality. HAYMOZ Fleet Performance is at the forefront of growth and innovation, which has allowed us not only to find tailored solutions to your challenges but also to anticipate future developments in the international fleet market.

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