Deutsche Bank - Trade Finance and Cash Management

Deutsche Bank's trade finance and cash management teams provide a combination of commercial banking products and services for corporates and financial institutions dealing with the management and processing of domestic and cross-border payments, professional risk mitigation for international trade and asset and liability management.

Our customers are supported in their domestic, regional and global trade finance and cash management programmes through Deutsche Bank's extensive global network of offices. These are situated in all major and secondary financial markets, and hubs in Frankfurt, London, New York and Singapore.

A complete range of robust and reliable solutions are available in Europe, the Americas and the Asian-Pacific region, including the following.

db transaction solutions

To handle domestic and cross-border payment transactions Deutsche Bank offers world-class tools and electronic systems — providing access to all the world's relevant clearing systems. Deutsche Bank is also one of the leading banks for the EU's Single European Payment Area (SEPA) initiative. Whether dealing with individual or mass payments, currency deals or check submissions, Deutsche Bank offers leading systems for all international payment transactions.

db channel and information solutions

Deutsche Bank employs a series of online platforms that allow for secure client and third-party access — offering information on the status of transactions, as well as automated alerts and accounting information.

db liquidity management solutions

Liquidity management is becoming a key discipline for corporations and financial institutions aiming to lower their cost of borrowing and raise the earnings capacity of their cash. By taking advantage of Deutsche Bank's liquidity management solutions, such as notional pooling, netting or cash concentration — all of which can be tailor-made to fit individual needs — clients can organise their global liquidity structures to be more efficient and more transparent.

db financial supply chain solutions

Deutsche Bank's financial supply chain management solutions help clients maintain their competitive edge by enhancing working capital management, improving operating efficiencies and by strengthening relationships with their trading partners. The Bank's innovative products and services provide end-to-end solutions to client's supply chain financing needs and facilitate the smooth flow of commercial and financial information throughout their organisation.

Information between the client and Deutsche Bank is exchanged on a real-time basis. Clients can benefit from attractive financing conditions, streamlined processes and greater visibility in order to reduce their business risk and heighten control over cash flows.

db wholesale solutions

Clients can leverage the latest payments technology and operational models on a white-labelled or outsourced basis using Deutsche Bank's db wholesale solutions. Our solutions range from white-labelled electronic banking, to partner banking, all the way through to broader infrastructure models.

db trade solutions

Deutsche Bank is one of the world's leading providers of finance for international trade. We have over 130 years of experience in this highly complex and risk-concentrated area of corporate banking. The bank also has extensive local expertise.

Everything trading companies need to manage and finance their national and international trade, from documentary payments to risk management, commodities finance to credit insurance, and export credits to invoice discounting, is available from a single, multi-award-winning business partner.

db card solutions

As a leading provider of transaction banking services, Deutsche Bank offers comprehensive solutions for the acceptance and processing of cards and other non-cash payment methods.

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