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Zensar Technologies is a globally renowned software and services organisation that specialises in providing a complete range of IT services and solutions. Zensar is ranked amongst India's top 20 software companies by NASSCOM and is also recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for its robust in-house research and development practices, and is an acknowledged leader in innovation.

Enterprise product implementation, business process outsourcing and optimisation

Zensar's industry expertise spans across manufacturing, retail, media, banking, insurance, healthcare and utilities. The services range from the traditional to the transformational - enterprise product implementation and hosting, business intelligence and data warehousing, collaboration and knowledge management services, business process outsourcing and optimisation, remote infrastructure management and testing, and the entire range of applications planning, portfolio building, development, migration and support. With over 6,700 associates and more than 400 customers Zensar can transform global corporations.

Banking and financial services

The banking and financial services practice at Zensar (Vertical) is built on the strength of four core competencies: domain, process, technology and innovation. Zensar's banking and financial services practice addresses customer needs by leveraging rich industry experience and deep technology expertise.

Backed by extensive domain knowledge, flexible engagement models and enhanced service offerings, Zensar adds value to the operations of financial institutions establishing significant business benefits like risk mitigation, time-to-market and total cost of operations. This virtue has enabled long-standing relationships with its clients to support their long-term business goals and needs.

Investment banking services

Zensar's investment banking services are spread across front, middle and back office.

Zensar's front office services include:

  • Trading application development and support
  • Exchange connectivity
  • On-boarding new exchanges
  • Market data system

Middle office services include:

  • Risk applications
  • Reference data systems
  • Regulatory and statutory reporting systems

Back office services include:

  • Post trade support
  • Trade accounting applications
  • Reporting applications

Credit decision system and risk management expertise for private banking

Zensar's core banking expertise helps banks to make the most of the entire core banking transformation with virtue technology upgrades and maintenance. Zensar leverages its lending expertise, which includes a credit decision system and risk management expertise covering capital reserve calculation and credit risk application.

Asset management services

Zensar's specialised asset management expertise help banks optimise their processes and help rebuild their return on equity. Asset management expertise includes:

  • Fund processing expertise covering all possible fund operations, such as subscription and redemption, switch and transfer to a new Fund, and income distribution from a fund
  • Fund accounting expertise covering capturing bank statements, posting debit and credit entries, and reconciling bank statements
  • Fund reporting expertise covering generation of reports such as portfolio performance statements, tax statements, commission and transaction statements

Support and maintenance for financial organisations

In today's fast evolving landscape, the banking industry is faced with the imperative to constantly comply with ever-changing regulatory requirements and compliance scenarios. Zensar's 'run the bank' (RTB) is a unique approach to support, maintain and enhance the existing applications of financial organisations. This ensures that the bank's systems are non-redundant, comply and are compatible with the ever-changing financial environment.

Application management services

The application management services (AMS) portfolio is organised into three service lines:

  • Application development and integration
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Application consulting

The service lines are supported by technology centres of excellence (CoEs), including Microsoft, Java, Open Source and IBM.

Balance checks, account transactions and payments with mobile devices

Zensar's mobile solutions in the financial services space is capable of performing balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications and other banking transactions through mobile or smart phone devices.

The mobile interface of a mutual fund administration system enables and streamlines the back office operations of any given management company.

The mobile module enables investors, brokers and sub-brokers to view critical information on their mobile handsets in real-time and helps them to make decisions about their portfolio.

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