Nearshoring - Business Process Outsourcing and IT Services

Nearshoring is an expert on business process outsourcing and IT services.

Its strategy builds on recognised expertise in technology and outsourcing, to help customers become high-performance businesses. Nearshoring helps companies to improve their processes, manage customer operations and focus on their core business.

Nearshoring provides true end-to-end solutions: from back-office and front-office support to document management.

We help you to operate and improve your business, which includes:

  • Expertise in business process outsourcing
  • Technology innovation and implementation
  • Value creation by improving our customers' business performance and focusing on execution excellence
  • Integrity, by taking responsibility, acting ethically, and encouraging honest and open debate

Business process outsourcing services

Nearshoring ensures the two-way transfer of knowledge during every project. The company manages risks by removing obstacles that slow down realisation of the assumed goal. Nearshoring delivers an entire spectrum of business process outsourcing services, such as finance and accounting, customer care, technology solutions, analytics and industry-specific processes.

Nearshoring Solutions focuses on three core businesses: process improvement, software solutions and process outsourcing.

Process improvement

We supply process innovation and excellence by applying the principles of lean six-sigma to achieve high-performance business outcomes. Through our business analysis and change in services' management, we provide seamless process improvement, resulting in predictable outcomes, as well as a sharper focus on business results.

Software solutions

Nearshoring has helped many organisations in delivering high performance through software design, building, and running engagements. We offer solutions tailored to your needs, innovative frameworks and tools, as well as a partner network of hosting centres. Our technology is designed for compatibility with your current IT infrastructure to ensure a more flexible and more complete transformation of your business.

Process outsourcing

Nearshoring workflow enables document management, data capture, routing and tracking through a central platform for rapid, efficient processing. By using our intelligent platform, we are successful in implementing industry-proven practices and solutions. Our BPO services help you to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase cost transparency and predictability
  • Improve cash flow and, thus, limit some capital investment requirements
  • Enhance processing speed, accuracy and consistency
  • Improve customers' service
  • Simplify operating infrastructure
  • Build up a more productive, better motivated workforce that spends maximum time performing tasks that add real value

About the directors of the Nearshoring Group

Jacek Salek is the founder and director of Nearshoring both in Poland and in the Netherlands. Prior to Jacek's current position he was an operations director at Infomedics, a clearing house in the Netherlands. Jacek also served with CED to implement technology solutions for the insurance industry.

Adrian Rietberg is the director of Nearshoring Partners in the Netherlands. Prior to this, he was a managing director of Infomedics, a clearing house in the Netherlands. Adrian also served many global customers during his career at Sony, van Leeuwen and various Internet technology companies.

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