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ISS is Europe's largest commercial provider of cleaning services and one of the world's largest commercial providers of facility services, operating in over 50 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific.

Through an in-depth understanding of the service provisions and outsourcing trends and developments in our target markets ISS has developed its organisational structure around the ability to offer bundled services and to integrate and manage the provision of services at our customers' premises.

Facility management, cleaning, catering, security, property and support services

The ISS business model is based on creating value for our customers by taking over their non-core activities, which are those covering a range of business services within facility management, cleaning, catering, security, property and support services. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business.

The ISS Way strategy, launched in 2008, is built on four cornerstones: securing single-service excellence; differentiating through the integrated facility services strategy; having a portfolio-based business focus; and a multi-local approach to managing the business.

Combined with our corporate values and leadership principles, these cornerstones provide the foundation upon which we will pursue our vision to 'Lead facility services globally¬†— by leading facility services locally'.

Single-service outsourcing for facility services

ISS intends to continue its focus on ensuring excellence within its single-service outsourcing. Ensuring quality and consistency in single-service outsourcing is a driver of growth and a prerequisite for a successful implementation of ISS' facility services strategy.

Global facility services

ISS continues to broaden its service offering in order to eventually offer a full range of facility services in each of its markets through the introduction of additional services.

Site-based facility services

The success of ISS has, in part, been founded on the ability to generate and manage a large base of mainly site-based portfolio business, as opposed to once-only and project revenue.

Multi-local approach for facility services

ISS builds its business on strong, highly autonomous local leadership. This ensures strong entrepreneurs who are close to the customers, know their markets and can act quickly in response to local market opportunities.

The implementation of The ISS Way is well under way and is oriented around a number of key strategic priorities, not least focus and alignment. We are enhancing our response to customer needs and developing value propositions tailored to specific customer segments.

Custom cleaning, support, property, catering and security services

Our approach is as flexible as it is professional. Customers can choose just a single service or a fully managed integrated facility solution made up of numerous business streams.

The service offering is illustrated by the 'ISS House', which has five pillars: cleaning, support, property, catering and security services. The 'roof', facility management, represents the sixth service and our capabilities within facilities services integration.

ISS focuses primarily on delivering portfolio and site-based services, where ISS employees become an integrated part of the clients' daily operations. Not all country operations necessarily offer all services within the six service areas. Local offerings depend on factors such as customer demand, market conditions and access to qualified staff.

If a country does not self-deliver all six service areas, the use of subcontractors ensures a one-stop-shop opportunity for customers. Each country aims at building up services according to market demand. In time, all ISS countries are expected to be able to self-deliver the most significant components of the full ISS House of services.

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