Comforce - A Leading Outsource Contact Centre Service Provider in the Cloud

Based in Budapest, Hungary, Comforce is the first cloud contact centre in central Europe, providing high-quality multilingual services at a reasonable price level with more than 400 agents. Due to its cloud-based systems and patent-pending quality assurance processes, Comforce is able to employ and manage its workforce remotely, including home-based, nearshore and offshore agents.

Comforce's service portfolio consists of customer service solutions, sales support activities, marketing support activities, and content management.

Customer service solutions

Comforce provides customer service solutions such as:

  • Customer service lines
  • Information lines
  • Help-desk

Sales support activities

The company's sales support activities include:

  • Telesales campaigns
  • Lead generation, setting appointments
  • Pre-sales services
  • Upselling/cross-selling campaigns
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Soft collection
  • Database building and management

Marketing support activities

Comforce's marketing support services encompass the following activities:

  • DM/e-DM campaigns follow up
  • Market research
  • Support of promotional campaigns
  • Database managements, consent collection
  • Planning and execution of CRM programmes

Content management

Comforce also offers content management services, such as:

  • Social media moderation
  • Media moderation
  • Chat moderation
  • 'Live event' moderation

Cloud contact centre services for blue chip clients

The company has handled over 20 million calls and executed more than 300 projects for 100+ clients since 2008, including Google, Allianz, Axel Springer, Telenor, Readers Digest, Peugeot, and Dun & Bradstreet.

Winner of the GfK Qualified Call Centre Award

Comforce received the GfK Qualified Call Centre Award in 2010 and 2011, and its employees are aiming to provide the highest service quality and client satisfaction in the future as well.

Patent-pending processes to ensure quality, security and flexibility

Quality assurance process: during call handling, supervisors listen to the conversations and monitor their efficiency in real time. Quality controllers evaluate work according to objective criteria, independent of supervisors. During call handling, catching-up and continuous development are facilitated by situation exercises and coaching.

Coaching approach management: we measure, analyse and develop performance by feedback for each agent. Colleagues joining us attend integration training and then, after an exam, they receive individual assessment, which is the basis of their personal development plan. The coaching programme follows the agent through the entire working relationship.

Employee base customised to the client: we believe in 'the right workforce for the right task'. Thanks to our access to the national labour market, projects requiring unique competencies can also be arranged.

Dedicated customer relations: we employ up-to-date, quickly-reacting customer relations managers at the service of our clients, for keeping daily contact.

Professional data management: we use regulated data management processes, customisable monitoring reports in the form and with the content according to the client's needs.

Information security: call information is stored in central data centres. State-of-the art technology, strict encryption protocols and regulated work organisation methods guarantee security.

Unique business continuity: as a result of the international network and redundant systems, continuous operation is ensured even in case of an epidemic, strike, natural disaster and other acts of God.

Unique capacity: the appropriate number of multilingual agents is ensured within a short deadline, even in the case of large-volume tasks.

Quick response time: the number of required agents as well as the content and technical parameters of scripts can be changed immediately. The online training system and process ensure up-to-date knowledge, even in the case of new information.

Return efficiency: our above-the-average return indicators are provided by measurable performance, coaching and flexible use of resources.

Innovation skills: we suggest and implement new approaches and solutions in everyday work, which serve the interests of our clients.

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