Technology Gallery

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A4 Community/CBLS: a platform for change - Ton Aries

Adra Match: Balancing act - Martin Thunman

Anaplan: The need for speed – Michael Gould

ARC Advisory Group: Adaption and Agility - Valentijn de Leeuw

BMW Group: putting the ‘i’ in emissions reduction

Business Birmingham: Midland powerhouse - Wouter Schuitemaker

Bynx: Fleets ahead

Cisco Capital EMEA: data centre leasing – beyond capex vs opex

Cisco Capital: Pay-as-you-go cloud tech - Elliott Handworker

Datawatch: Handle data in the right analytic tool - James Eliason

Dell Financial Services: Outcome as a service - Dave Roberts

HP Financial Services: Cloud solutions – Paul Sheeran and Boorzin Hodiwalla

Nissan Europe: technology that makes mobility safer - Jordi Vila Onses

Oracle Financing: IT funding, made to measure – Stephan van Beek and Steve Guido

Oracle: Collaboration and value realisation - Mandeep Hansra

Pentaho: Forward-thinking intelligence – Quentin Gallivan

QBE: Minimise exposure: finance functioning against cyberthreats - James Tuplin

SAP: Simplicity, on premise, in cloud or on the fly – Thack Brown and Peter David

Tata Consultancy Services: CFOs need to reimagine and simplify their operation - Vijay Damle

Tata Consultancy Services: The digital CFO - Syed Rizvi

Taxi-E: Plugged into the future – Ruud Zandvliet

Volkswagen: ecological conclusion - Elena Delgado Vicente

WNS Global Services: Reduce COGS with dynamic discounting