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Estonia: a Smart Hub for Electric Vehicle Development, Testing and Manufacturing

09 January 2013 by Estonian Investment Agency (EIA)

Increased concern for global warming, air quality and oil dependence has forced governments to take measures to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Among different forms of car technologies, electric mobility might be a good answer to these problems. While the automotive industry is researching ways to develop new technologies, the success of electric vehicles (EV) depends on the availability of different factors - capable industrial suppliers, government incentives for new users, a sufficient charging network and additional services (mobile applications, new user models) for customers.

Winning customers over and keeping costs under control is a challenge for all participants.

A good testing environment and flexible production and servicing opportunities are crucial for creating new innovative products and business models. Estonia is well known for its electronic government, advanced internet and telecom infrastructure.

The next step in the agenda is to turn from being an e-country to an e-mobility country, by establishing the countrywide fast charging network and providing grants to buy electric cars. Government initiatives are just one, although very relevant reason, why Estonia would be a good location for electric vehicles development, testing, servicing and assembly, especially taking into account the nearby Nordic markets with increasing interest for sustainable transports. This report is going to describe the main aspects that are relevant for choosing a country like Estonia as an EV development location.

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  • Estonia: a Smart Hub for Electric Vehicle Development, Testing and Manufacturing