Managing Cash Flow Through Uncertainty – the Lloyds TSB Way

31 October 2008

The slowing European economy and the global credit crunch make it increasingly vital for companies and organisations, whatever their size, to unlock all the working capital available to them and manage it carefully. In the current economic climate, effective cash flow management is crucial. The key objectives are to:

  • Protect and maximise the returns on cash by ensuring the company has sufficient liquidity to meet its obligations in the short term
  • Minimise cash shortfalls and their costs
  • Offset debit and credit balances to best effect
  • Minimise administration and costs

We pride ourselves on the strength of our customer relationships. Our specialist cash and trade experts can help you to develop a programme of enhancements tailored to your company’s financial supply chain. In this paper you will find topics that will inform your thinking and planning, so that your cash flow policies protect you from the adverse effects of market movements.

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  • Managing Cash Flow Through Uncertainty – the Lloyds TSB Way