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GBS makeover: moving the back office to the front

09 December 2014 by Genpact

Leaders of global business services (GBS) met for the 2014 FDE Amsterdam round table, produced in association with Genpact. The discussion centred on how GBS implementations can support transformational change and addressed the importance of:

  • effective stakeholder communication and end to end process ownership
  • identifying best practice within a GBS organisation and benchmarking the wider industry when embarking on business process
  • elevating the status of GBS within the business via a potential rebranding of GBS to BSO (business support operations).

The discussion was moderated by Pascal Visée, former chief enterprise support officer, Unilever and co-hosted by Ahmed Mazhari and Barend van Doorn from Genpact, who were joined by their colleagues Jasper van der Wulp and Koen De Rijcke. Participants included GBS practitioners and finance leaders from leading Dutch companies including: SABIC, DSM, Shell, Akzo Nobel, Randstad Holding, ASML, Caterpillar, Ahold, Achmea and Wolters Kluwer.

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  • GBS makeover: moving the back office to the front