Contributor: Tony Chanmugam

Tony Chanmugam, CFO, BT Retail

Tony Chanmugam

Over the last 20 years, Tony Chanmugam has held numerous roles within BT, including with Yellow Pages, Sharelink and Managed Network Services. As CFO of BT Solutions, BT's international outsourcing and telecommunications business, he helped this loss-making business arm grow from a £500m turnover to a £3bn turnover with 15% EBIT in six years.

Towards the end of this period, he also held the position of COO of solutions. Over the last three years, he has been CFO of BT Retail. During this period, the business has turned from double-digit profit reductions and falling turnover to double digit-profit growth and slight revenues.

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Tony Chanmugam, CFO at BT Retail, has overseen a turnaround in profits during his three years in the role. He tells Barry Mansfield how he reversed the...