Contributor: Lisa Higgins

Lisa Higgins, Chief Operating Officer , APQC

Lisa Higgins

Lisa Higgins is chief operating officer of APQC. Responsible for operations and financial success, Higgins has led several APQC departments and initiatives since joining the centre in 1993. She has served on APQC's executive team since 1995.

Before being named COO in November 2000, Higgins headed APQC's Custom Solutions Group, which is responsible for delivering knowledge management engagements, conducting custom benchmarking studies, and providing advisory services across APQC's broad range of content expertise.

From 1996 to 1999, Higgins served as director of benchmarking services and oversaw the delivery of more than 500 benchmarking and best-practice research studies for clients throughout the world.

Throughout her career at APQC, Higgins's primary focus has been to assist organisations in building capabilities in business process improvement that support organisational objectives, including the integration of benchmarking and other continuous improvement tools. She has worked extensively with clients operating in shared service business structures, and her work has included helping them develop successful models, systems, processes, tools and measures.

Higgins is personally committed to assisting organisations in their pursuit of continuous improvement and organisational excellence. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Houston and has completed various graduate-level studies throughout her employment.

APQC's Open Standards Benchmarking CollaborativeSM (OSBC) database is a comprehensive collection of standardised process measures and benchmarks collected through research. Organisations may complete surveys in functional areas at no cost. Professionals may compare their business practices with similar organisations and receive a comparative report with quantitative and qualitative information. The report targets key areas for improvement and ways in which the organisation can monitor its performance. APQC serves as the sole custodian of the data, and all collected data are blinded, normalised, and reported in aggregate. Data remains confidential in line with our Benchmarking Code of Conduct.

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