Contributor: Jeroen Kohnstamm

Jeroen Kohnstamm, Secretary General, Factors Chain International

Jeroen Kohnstamm

Jeroen Kohnstamm, Secretary General of Factors Chain International coordinates the worldwide activities of the FCI association and to expand the geographical coverage of the group, which in 2005 had a volume of factored trade receivables in excess of €578bn.

Close to 70% of all international factoring transactions are handled by FCI members, under standard rules promulgated by the group.

As an industry specialist, Kohnstamm has assisted numerous governments in evaluating and introducing the factoring concept for application in both domestic and international trade.

Vital Factors
Factoring can be used to protect against bad debt and to open up new markets for exporters. The industry will only become stronger as it starts to take hold in china, writes Jeroen...