Contributor: Dr James Bellini

Dr James Bellini, Futurologist and author, World Innovation Foundation

Dr James Bellini Dr James Bellini is a leading futurologist and author with a considerable reputation as a thought-provoking speaker and moderator at top-level management conferences and business schools around the world. James has spent more than 25 years as a respected TV broadcaster, futures analyst and writer with a strong focus on social, economic and technological trends up to Horizon 2025. James has written many books and special reports, and has also held senior executive positions in advertising and corporate communications and served on the European Advisory Board of the global future forum. He is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
Historian of the Future
Dr James Bellini gave the first plenary presentation at the 8th Annual Shared Services Week in Sitges, near Barcelona, on May 19th 2008. SSON's Jamie Liddell met the man...