Contributor: Chris Brady

Chris Brady, Business School Dean, Bournemouth University

Chris Brady

Professor Chris Brady is the dean of the business school at Bournemouth University. He has had a diverse working life with a variety of jobs ranging from a line worker at Chrysler in Detroit, to a claims clerk in the city, from a land surveyor with the Ordnance Survey to a betting shop manager, from a semi-professional footballer and coach to a naval intelligence officer.

He graduated in English literature and sociology and gained his post-graduate qualifications in international relations during his 16 years in the Royal Navy.

As a UEFA 'A' licence coach, Chris still maintains coaching ties within the Football Association. He is a member of the Institute of Personnel Development and a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He is the co-author of the much acclaimed management book entitled The 90 Minute Manager, now in a third edition.

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