Contributor: Anton Van Nunen

Anton Van Nunen, Director and Owner, Van Nunen & Partners

Anton Van Nunen Anton is the director and owner of Van Nunen & Partners, an advisory company for both institutional and private investors. After constructing, introducing and implementing a fiduciary structure, he plays a role in monitoring and evaluating fiduciary management at several institutes. He is an advisor to the investment committees of the pension funds of Campina, SCA, Provisum (C&A), Arcadis, Cosun/Aviko/Suiker and the industry-wide scheme of wholesale and retail.
Fit for Purpose
Anton van Nunen of Van Nunen & Partners and Piet Duffhues of Tilburg University discuss how the previously healthy Dutch pensions system, now ravaged by zero swap rates, could recover to...

In Safe Hands
Anton van Nunen looks at the ability of fiduciary management to employ specialist managers but keep responsibility of the overall portfolio safe in one set of...