Contributor: Andrew Efstathiou

Andrew Efstathiou, Director, Banking Benchmarking and Sourcing Programme, NelsonHall

Andrew Efstathiou

Andrew Efstathiou is the director for NelsonHall's banking benchmarking and sourcing programme. Andy brings to NelsonHall 25 years' experience in banking and financial services. He has global responsibility for the development and delivery of NelsonHall's research and advisory services into banking processes and the application of business process outsourcing.

Andrew has worked for money centre banks, including Citibank, in key roles managing the customer and counterparty operations with other financial institutions. He then worked in a consulting capacity advising regulatory agencies and investment banks on operational issues and business performance. Recently he worked as an industry analyst on issues of IT services, sourcing, and business process outsourcing.

Andrew Efstathiou has a BA degree in economics from Harvard College, and an MBA degree from Stanford. Efstathiou is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer, and has appeared on many TV and radio news programs internationally, written numerous articles for, and been interviewed by, numerous leading publications, including Forbes Magazine.

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