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Get More From Your Non-Core Spend 14 December 2011 In the current economic climate where achieving top-line growth is challenging, organisations are increasingly thinking about creating bottom-line impact by optimising the procurement function.


Measuring and Getting Credit for Realised Savings in Indirect Spending 14 December 2011 It is paramount today that the procurement function have the ability to track non-core, or indirect, costs and document savings on these expenditures.


Unlocking Millions for Reinvestment 14 December 2011 The last 24 months have been anything but easy. Lower demand levels, volatile credit markets, increasing global competition and rising input costs have put extreme pressure on profits.


Fueling the Growth Engine: Putting More Marketing Dollars to Work 14 December 2011 Concealed within the marketing spend that builds brand and drives equity, affinity and ultimately consumption are many non-core, non-strategic expenses.

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