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WorkForce Software is the leader in workforce management solutions for large organisations with complex policies and compliance concerns. Our EmpCenter® workforce management suite automates the most complex time, attendance, scheduling and leave policies across your organisation - providing greater consistency, enhancing compliance and giving you a complete view of labour activities.

Since the company's inception over a decade ago, WorkForce Software was built from the ground up to accommodate the complex and dynamic workforce management needs of enterprise organisations. This focus and dedication enabled our company to grow steadily by all measures - revenue, clients and employees - and continually reinvest in our solutions.

Our core capabilities are rooted in EmpCenter - a cloud-based application that enables organisations to capture and collect employee time and activity data, as well as automate 100% of all public/private sector central, local government and union pay rules. We accomplish this solely through configuration, preserving your organisation's ability to easily upgrade, expand or add functionality to accommodate your evolving workforce management needs.

WorkForce Software also offers an array of solutions designed to help you better manage your day-to-day workforce management activities - from advanced scheduling and activity-based costing to leave of absence and employee fatigue management. Furthermore, our robust analysis and reporting tools enable you to gain greater insight into employee costs and activities, both from a historic and ad hoc/real-time perspective, providing a window into the true actions and activities of your workforce.

Our team

As with any successful technology implementation, the technology is only part of the equation. To achieve the business results you seek - to truly transform your organisation - there's a cultural component that needs to be considered.

That's why our solutions and offerings are supported by a world-class team of professionals with deep-domain expertise in both system set-up and configuration in addition to the people side of an implementation. Blending an innovative edge with substantial change management experience, our professional services team provides an unmatched degree of expertise and guidance throughout your implementation.

From our leadership team through to our client training and support organisations, WorkForce Software provides the knowledge, experience and expertise you need to ensure a seamless implementation, responsive support, and ongoing access to peer groups and industry experts that can help your organisation continually follow a 'best practice' approach to workforce management.

With a client retention rate of 97% since our inception, WorkForce Software's client community stands as the most enduring testament to the quality of our company and the solutions we provide.

The WorkForce Software difference

At WorkForce Software, we understand there are several approaches your organisation can take when selecting a workforce management solution provider. Although each solution should ultimately be judged on its ability to meet the business needs that are unique and specific to your organisation, our experience reveals there are several key reasons clients select us as partners:

Designed for 100% coverage

In order to fully utilise your workforce management solution - and experience the greatest return on your investment - you need your entire workforce to be covered accurately, completely and in an automated fashion. There are several commodity-based workforce management solutions that only cover 'the majority' of the workforce needs, forcing you to yield to their perceptions of the market and best practices. You do need complete coverage, they can help... but there's a cost. With this approach you will typically become a 'one-off' customised solution, which makes upgrades and ongoing support a challenge. ERP providers also offer 'HR modules' aimed at delivering the coverage you need, but they typically require heavy customisation as well, resulting in similar challenges.

WorkForce Software delivers 100% coverage and automation for the most complex and challenging pay rules without customisation. The EmpCenter suite is designed to be open, extensible and highly-configurable. This approach ensures that you and your organisation remain in the driver's seat and can continue to grow and expand your workforce management solution to meet the changing needs of your business.

Strategic approach to workforce management

Today, more than ever, HR and payroll professionals are tasked to do more with less. Resources are tight and all departments within an organisation are pressured to contribute to the bottom line and address strategic issues facing the business. To this end, WorkForce Software provides a diverse array of solutions and services that take a more holistic view of workforce management and human capital management practices. For example, our Activity-Based Costing solution enables organisations to track employee time spent on specific activities - such as projects, tasks and work orders - with a high degree of granularity. Unlike other solution providers, we do so via an unlimited number of labour fields so you'll never be bound by system limitations.

WorkForce Software delivers functionality to maintain and enforce work hour limitations, which preserves the safety, quality and health of your organisation. The powerful reporting and analysis tools enable you to draw correlations between changes in workforce management practices and employee and customer results to effectively close the feedback loop on labour practice activities and produce measurable results.

EmpCenter also offers functionality to maintain and enforce work hour limitations that preserve the safety, quality and health of your employees. Its powerful reporting and analysis tools help you draw correlations between changes in workforce management practices and business outcomes - giving you clear guidance as to how your labour strategies support organisational success.

Compliance with confidence

The complexity involved with adhering to central/local government, corporate, and union regulations can be staggering. Employers need to ensure they are following such regulations precisely or risk exposure ranging from employee dissatisfaction to penalties and fines - or, depending upon your industry, even the shutdown of your business. To ensure all rules are followed - and more importantly, to ensure your organisation is generating and maintaining the appropriate audit trail to provide evidence of compliance - your workforce management solution should cover every member of your workforce, and provide functionality to protect you from changes in regulations as they occur. WorkForce Software is unique in its ability to deliver this level of coverage and protection.

Our solutions

  • time and attendance
  • rostering and scheduling
  • absence and leave
  • labour analytics
  • fatigue management.

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