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Pentaho is the open source business intelligence leader. Thousands of organizations globally depend on Pentaho to make faster and better business decisions that positively impact their bottom lines. Pentaho is reinventing business intelligence by introducing an agile approach that makes it faster, simpler and more cost effective to create reports, dashboards and analytics.

World's most popular open source business intelligence

Pentaho BI provides a full spectrum of data integration and business intelligence (BI) capabilities, including data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), interactive reporting, ad hoc analysis, rich visualizations, data mining, and predictive analysis. With a BI platform that has made it the world's most popular open source BI, Pentaho also provides broad enterprise data integration services for Big Data analytics and reporting.

Low-cost enterprise-class business intelligence

Pentaho's commercial open source model eliminates large, upfront software license fees and dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership for enterprise-class business intelligence compared to traditional, proprietary BI. Pentaho products provide comprehensive technical support, software maintenance, managed release cycles, enhanced functionality, and fully quality assured software, available through annual subscriptions.

Easy-to-use fully integrated BI platform

Pentaho's technology is architected from the ground-up on a modern, standards-based, and fully integrated BI platform. It is easily embeddable into custom applications. For business users, an intuitive web interface provides central access to all BI information, allowing these users to create new reports, analysis views and dashboards within a few clicks. Pentaho BI can be deployed on-premise, or on-demand using hosting infrastructure provided by Pentaho.

Real users prefer Pentaho

Brussels Airport, Close Premium Finance, Mainzer Volksbank, National Health Service (UK), Specsavers, Swissport, TV2 Norway, Mozilla and Unionfidi are just some of the many organizations around the globe that depend on Pentaho for commercial open source business intelligence.

"We have tried a few solutions to meet our needs around BI. For one reason or another, they have come up short. Pentaho has been able to effectively and efficiently meet all our needs, as well as exceed a few." - John Sheffield, director software development, Delta Dental of VA.

Big Data analytics

Every day, vast lakes of data are being created and grow in size, with data coming from everywhere including retail and financial transactions, automated sensors, social media posts, and online gaming.

Characteristics of Big Data typically include a variety of structured and unstructured data; high velocity rapidly changing data, and very large data volumes. Pentaho is built to support the emerging generation of Big Data management systems. Pentaho is also designed to extract optimal performance and scalability from traditional relational databases through native integration.

Pentaho changes the way your company uses information. Customizable reports, interactive dashboards and powerful analytics - together with advanced data integration and data mining capabilities - are tools Pentaho provides to make your company compete effectively in the world marketplace. More information available on request.

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Reports: a highly interactive and easy to use web-based design interface for the casual business user to create simple and ad hoc operational reports, without depending on IT or developers.
Intuitive web interface for business users to slice, dice, and explore data multi-dimensionally. With zero training, non-technical users can now visualize their business information and quickly identify trends and anomalies.
Rich, interactive dashboards help business users to easily identify the business metrics that are on track, or ones that need attention. With no prior training, users can create personalized dashboards.
Web-based interface for end users to point to any data they wish to use in reporting, analytics and dashboards. Business users can turn their data into action in minutes.
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