2014: Alphabet International reports solid growth

Friday, April 17, 2015 by Alphabet International

Alphabet International, Europe's leading provider of Business Mobility solutions, has announced respectable results for 2014. The company has reported a 3.5% growth rate, above the average market rate of 2.1%. New Business 2014 grew by 8.4% compared to 2013, which outperforms the total operational lease market growth (5.7%). Simultaneously, Alphabet's car portfolio expanded. By the end of 2014, 55,171 customers in 18 countries drove more than 555,000 cars of all makes including electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid cars.

The latest consumer mobility trends, for instance the desire for more flexibility and less ownership, the greater digitisation and the increased awareness for sustainable solutions, have crossed over into the Business Mobility industry and must be taken into account in any fleet solution. Indeed, Alphabet's positive results are evidence of an effective strategy that responds to this development with customer proximity, greater flexibility and individual consulting. "We are moving people forward, and we are moving the industry forward by creating new solutions and new trends in intelligent mobility," says Ed Frederiks, CEO of Alphabet

Alphabet owes much of its success to its flexible and intelligent mobility solutions. Available in ten European countries, the leasing-based Corporate CarSharing solution AlphaCity was honoured with the prestigious Company of the Year Award 2014 by the international business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Moreover, the company acknowledges its innovative eMobility solution AlphaElectric as a contributory factor to its strong performance during 2014. Now available in a total of 14 countries, AlphaElectric has been rolled out in three more markets during 2014: Austria, Italy and Australia.

For 2015, the company aims to keep up its growth policies. "Our strategy is threefold," says Norbert van den Eijnden, CEO of Alphabet International confidently. "We will continue expanding into new markets and strengthening our existing ones. Of course, we will also grow our portfolio of innovative solutions!"

Among the ideas in the pipeline is the integration of EVs into AlphaCity, as well as offering the solution with multi-make vehicles. Companies can also opt for the Alphabet Mobility Budget. Currently available in the Netherlands, this future-oriented scheme allocates a set budget to employees that they spend flexibly on mobility forms of their choice, be it carsharing, train or public transport. "This is an evolutionary thought," says Ed Frederiks, "we are moving away from the classic company car and towards holistic corporate mobility solutions." International rollout of the product is in planning.