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Since 2005, Finance Director Europe (FDE) has been producing world-class customised supplements and reports for clients such as Lloyds Banking Group, KPMG, Genpact and Santander, who leverage FDE's exclusive CFO readership to communicate thought leadership alongside leading finance leaders from the UK and Europe.

The FDE readership, which has been carefully maintained and updated since the first FDE magazine was published in 1992, and our circulation includes CFOs and finance directors of Europe's largest companies (FTSE350, DAX 30, CAC 40 and AEX 25, etc.). Please click on the 'white papers' tab to view some of the most recent examples.

Format options for FDE supplements or reports

A supplement or report can be inserted into the main FDE magazine or sent as part of a unique direct mailing to our FDE readership. The number of pages for your customised content can be of any length and can be drawn from round-table events organised by FDE and co-hosted by our clients; interviews, either via telephone or face-to-face, with CFOs conducted by FDE journalists; or thought leadership and case study content provided by your own leaders or PR department.

Sourcing interviewees and roundtable participants

In roundtable and interview scenarios, FDE would work collaboratively your business development and marketing teams to source the most relevant and desired CFO prospects and clients. With its established CFO community, FDE is in a strong position to draw high-level participation, opening doors for clients wanting to connect with C-level executives. FDE has strong ties with analysts, universities, trade associations and advisory firms to give the finished product some added perspective and depth.

Agenda settings for interviews and roundtable events

Prior to conducting interviews or roundtable events, FDE develops a stimulating agenda that balances the interests of FDE readers with the interests of its clients and participants. The chosen direction also takes into account the topics contained in the FDE magazine and often aligns itself from a design and content continuity perspective. Once an agenda has been developed, FDE works collaboratively with its clients on selecting the most effective questions to pose to FDE readers and the client's own thought leaders.

Copy proofing and design

Prior to printing, copy is filtered and proofed collaboratively via our sub-editing department and final design implemented by a top design team. All editorial contributors to a supplement / report may view copy prior to publication, to ensure that everyone involved is 100% happy with the finished work.

Additional exposure

When supplements are inserted into the main FDE magazine, additional reprints of the supplement are provided to you for your own marketing purposes. A PDF of the document is shared with you and can be uploaded to your own FDE microsite and company website. Anyone downloading your document from an FDE microsite has to enter their details and these leads are automatically forwarded to you. Your document will also be promoted via FDE e-newsletters (over 20,000 subscribers) and via the FDE Linkedin group (over 3,200 subscribers) as well as your own marketing channels.


"FDE and Genpact have collaborated over multiple media channels since 2004. In 2010, Genpact commissioned FDE to produce a supplement containing interviews and thought leadership from its own senior management as well as from senior finance executives, analysts and academia. The finished 12-page supplement delivered on all fronts and served as useful marketing collateral for events and direct mailing. In its digital form, the supplement was downloaded on many occasions and with the data capture mechanism in place, we were able to monitor these enquires and pass appropriate enquiries to our business development team. A job well done."
SVP, Genpact

"Working with FDE to host the roundtable breakfast provided us access to senior level participants across a range of industry sectors. The discussion was interesting and valuable to all participants, and it enabled us to understand more inimately the challenges our clients are facing when tackling operational transformation, as well as enabling us to put forward ways to help overcome such challenges. The supplement allows a much wider audience to relate to, and benefit from the discussion."
Partner, KPMG

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