Adra Match - Reconciliation software for a smarter month-end close process

Adra Match develops and markets reconciliation software for a smarter month-end close process. With 25 years' experience in providing software for the automation of the month-end close process, Adra Match is a market leader with 3,000 customers. Reconciliation software helps accounting and finance teams to work smarter and quicker, with better control and accuracy. The solutions streamline and standardise accounts departments and give them an overview of the company's balancing process at all times.

Adra Match supports all organizations across all sectors by automating the financial close process - effectively meeting both external legislative demands and internal business demands - and alleviates tedious time-consuming tasks, allowing financial teams to focus on more important business issues.

Adra Match originated in Scandinavia, just like many other financial software companies such as Axapta, Navision, IBS, IFS, Jeeves and Visma, and today we serve customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Adra Match is a highly profitable organization and enjoys the highest level of credit worthiness.

Modern and user friendly

At Adra Match we place a very high value on using the latest and best development tools and methodologies. This ensures that our transaction matching, reconciliation and month-end solutions are the best in the world and the most user friendly.

The benefit of cloud technology is simple - you can access the system, completely securely, from any web-enabled device anywhere in the world. This provides great visibility for senior staff as well as providing preparers with the freedom to work in the most efficient way possible.

Our solutions use the latest in cloud technology to deliver a truly exceptional month-end close system. All our products integrate with each other and deliver a seamless record-to-report system - all of which is accessible on Microsoft's Azure platform.

Benefits and governance, risk and compliance

Alongside dramatic improvements in efficiency and control comes a significant increase in governance and compliance (GRC). GRC is a key focus for all finance teams and every feature built into our product systems enhance these goals.

Segregation of duty is enforced, sign-off is tightly controlled and document management comes as standard. All finance professionals will benefit from our focused suite of reconciliation and month-end tools.

Three core products

Adra Match BALANCER is our flagship solution. BALANCER configures in just a day or two and is so intuitive and easy to use most users are trained in an hour. BALANCER incorporates full task management - even further aiding the prioritisation of activities during the month-end close process.

Our transaction matching solution, Adra Match ACCOUNTS, incorporates import and rules matching technology that is not only very powerful but also extremely easy for end users to work with. This makes daily reconciliations an achievable goal. Our most common implementation involves the replacement of Excel for reconciliations in favour of fast, full automation and reporting of key reconciliations. All types of data and files can be processed.

Adra Match RECEIVABLES (AMR) is a solution for handling payments received, primarily invoiced receivables. In developing AMR, we have placed great emphasis on user-friendliness and high functionality, as well as ensuring that customers achieve a swift return on their investment.

As a professional partner, Adra Match provides support and consultancy, combined with a wide experience of account reconciliation and payments systems. Adra Match also works closely with system suppliers and banks. In this way, Adra Match strives to achieve an optimum utilisation of its solutions at all times.

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