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Collection Services: How Has the Crisis Changed the Role of Contact Centres? 08 June 2012 Business relations have changed in the past four years, such that presently payment practices tend to be more lax around the world. Even markets where payment periods have traditionally been short are experiencing an increase in late payment and credit default instances.


My Way, Right Away, Why Pay? 08 June 2012 Two significant trends are unfolding as we write. Service is being unbundled and bought as an adjunct to the purchased product. The second trend is the personalization of both the product and the service that goes with it.


Sitel Receivables Management (SRM): A New, More Effective Collections Strategy 08 June 2012 Most businesses still handle collections the way they did 20 years ago - they keep their customer care and past-due collections functions separate.


Social Media Customer Engagement: Strategic Planning Considerations for Contact Centre Organisations 08 June 2012 Social media is rapidly emerging as the next big frontier for customer engagement and interactions. There are millions of customer interactions taking place everyday on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. as well as a vast number of customer support forums and online communities.


Sales Chat Solutions: A Delivery Model for Incremental Online Conversion 09 January 2012 Sitel sales chat, leveraging the LivePerson platform, is an intelligent engagement solution developed to maximise online sales and revenue opportunities by proactively targeting the right visitor with the right message at the right time in order to affect a desired outcome.

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